Is this the best budget action camera on the market?

After opening the box and trying the GoXtreme WiFi View Full HD Action Cam, we think that the answer to this question is a great big YES. This little camera has an amazing wide angle, records HD video and has an excellent battery life. If you are an adventurous person who cycles, runs, has a motorbike, car… and you want to capture everything you do on film – this is the perfect camera to help you do this.

It’s amazing how many accessories and little additional gadgets you get with this camera, but what’s really amazing is the price. We’ve got it for £100 and we could find even cheaper options from some sellers on Amazon. We highly recommend the GoXtreme brand and we hope you’ll enjoy our unboxing video of this great little action camera.

Let us know if you have some questions about it. We will be happy to answer them! 🙂

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