Good Lock UI for Samsung devices gets an update

The latest update for the Good Lock UI has been released for some of Samsung’s users. The new version is 24.0.8 and here is what’s new in it, as taken from the release notes:

  • Supporting option to enable/disable KEEP
  • Added Function “Delete All” in Card Type Recent Apps
  • Added button “Mobile Data” in Quick Settings
  • Added button “Quick Connect” in Quick Settings
  • Supporting option to enable/disable App Tray in Recent Apps
  • Not showing notification folder if no notification
  • Status Icon visibility enhanced for white background
  • Visibility in All/Keep tab enhanced
  • Colour change for Fingerprint Fail Popup

Bug fixes:

  • Recent App Error when using SIP
  • Fixed Notification App Access from Lockscreen
  • Fixed Noise when launching Quick Camera
  • Fixed BT Search duration and range (battery life)
  • Fixed Status Bar Height as same in home and lock
  • Fixed Repeated notification for low battery
  • Fixed create Lockscreen during call (due to proximity sensor)
  • Enhanced performance when using Lockscreen effect
  • Fixed not working unlock when swiping slowly
  • Fixed FC using Recent Apps, while roaming and memory reader

We made a video showing an overview of the new features in the UI which you can watch below…

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