Android Wear 2.0 is coming: all you need to know

During yesterday’s Google I/O 2016 many important announcements have been made and among them was the news about the brand new Android Wear OS version 2.0.

According to the reports from Android Authority, with Android Wear 2.0, any watch face will be able to integrate data from any Android Wear app. Android Wear 2 will also let you reply with AI-powered smart replies, similar to what you get in Inbox by Gmail and the new Allo messaging app. You can also “handwrite” text on the watch screen and have it automatically converted to text. Finally, there’s a new keyboard for more traditional input.

Here are some of the new features as presented to the developers who will be working with the Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview:

  • Navigation and Action drawers

    Wear 2.0 introduces two new widgets, navigation drawer and action drawer. These widgets give your users new ways to interact with your app. The navigation drawer appears at the top of the screen and allows users to navigate between app views. The action drawer appears at the bottom of the screen and allows users to choose from a list of actions associated with the current usage context. These drawers are accessible to users when they edge swipe from the top or bottom of the screen; they peek when users scroll in an opposite direction.

  • Standalone Devices

    Standalone watches will enable Android Wear apps to work independently of phone apps. This means your app can continue to offer full functionality even if the paired phone is far away or turned off.

  • Smart Reply

    Android Wear 2.0 introduces support for Smart Reply in MessagingStyle notifications. Smart Reply provides the user with contextually relevant, touchable choices in the expanded notification and in RemoteInput.

    By enabling Smart Reply for your MessagingStyle notifications, you provide users a fast (single tap), discreet (no speaking aloud), and reliable way to respond to chat messages they receive

If you want to learn more about the Developer Preview and how to test your app on it, please go here.

The first devices to run the new version will be launched this fall. So far, the Developer Preview is only compatible with the LG Watch Urbane Second Edition LTE and the Huawei Watch.

We’ll update you with more info when we have it!

Are you excited for Android Wear 2.0?

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