Own a Samsung Gear S2? Get this major update now!

All owners of Samsung Gear S2 will be happy to hear that their watch is now getting a major update. Here is what is new in the new release which has now been pushed by Samsung to the Gear S2 devices across the globe:

  • My Photo watchface
  • automatic sleep tracker
  • new S Voice commands
  • social sharing for activities
  • recommended apps can now be installed straight from your watch
  • sunrise and sunset information
  • weather app with UV index information
  • managing of notifications if there are no unread messages

These are the highlights but some of you who already have the update installed could probably add to this list. The actual update is only 61 MB so it shouldn’t take you long to download it and install it afterwards.

Are you missing an important feature? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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