HTC One M9: video overview

It’s been exciting few weeks here at the Our User Reviews headquarters. We’ve received a couple of great phones to review with the latest one being the HTC One M9. We know that it’s been a while since the release of this phone and the HTC 10 is knocking on the door, but we took the opportunity to make some video tests and reviews of this model.

We start with the unboxing video in which you will see what you get in the standard box of the phone:

We have to mention here that we find it a bit disappointing when there’s not much care into what manufacturers put in their smartphone boxes these days. It feels like the USB charging cable and power plug are the most luxurious things you get when you buy a flagship smartphone from one of the biggest brands out there.

However, here is the full playlist to all videos we made with this testing unit of HTC One M9, which was very kindly provided by Vodafone UK.

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