Angry Birds Action coming soon

If you are a fan of one of the most popular mobile games out there – Angry Birds, you’ll probably be thrilled to hear that there’s a new game from the saga coming your way.

If you hurry up, you can pre-register for the release of the brand new Angry Birds Action on Google Play. All the info about the game is also there, but here are the highlights from us too:

– Play as the heroic trio from The Angry Birds Movie! (and Terence)
Blast obstacles to pieces with Red, speed through challenges with Chuck, or blow stuff up with Bomb. And then there’s Terence. He just destroys everything.

– BirdCodes. BirdCodes everywhere!
Scan these round badges in Angry Birds Action to access loads of new content, mini-games, power-ups for the game, and more! BirdCodes can be found all over the place – on Angry Birds toys, at your local theater, and in many more locations. Keep your eyes peeled for BirdCodes everywhere!

–Movie Magic is in the air.
Take Angry Birds Action to the Angry Birds Movie to unlock exclusive content. How does it work? Just wait until the end of the Angry Birds Movie and launch Angry Birds Action when the end credits roll, and you can unlock a whole new area to explore in the game, as well as an exclusive movie clip!*

– Saving the day one level at a time.
Rescue eggs from their precarious perches, pick up precious items, and protect the hatchlings in 90 levels.

– Team up with friends!
Find treasure maps and work together with friends & other players on special challenges for awesome rewards.

– Rebuild the Bird Village and power-up!
Unlock buildings in the village to create new power-ups. Steady your aim with the aimline extender, go invisible with the ghost bird power-up, and more!

We don’t know the exact date when the game will be released, but we’ll keep you updated if we hear more. After all, it’s a game based on a movie based on a game… We can’t wait!

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