Tesco Mobile to scrap European roaming charges this summer

This summer, millions of Tesco Mobile customers will avoid being charged roaming rates when using their mobile phones abroad, thanks to the network’s launch of ‘Home From Home’ which will allow customers to use their UK tariff allowances when holidaying in 31 European countries over the entire summer period.

EU regulations are introduced on April 30th requiring mobile networks to lower charges, but Tesco Mobile has chosen to go one step further than this by removing additional roaming charges across the EU and a number of other destinations.

Tesco Mobile customers can use data abroad from their UK allowances as well as call and text free of roaming charges in a grand total of 31 countries; more than any other UK network, from May 23rd 2016.

Customers will not need to do anything to activate Home From Home. They can take their mobile into Europe and use it just as they would at home, and there will be no extra roaming charges.

Customers can check that their holiday destination is covered by Home From Home simply by visiting the Tesco Mobile website.

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