Pokemon Go: how to deal with most common problems

While Pokemon Go is gaining new users every second and reached the 50 million mark for downloads on Play Store, it is time to look at some of the most common problems that users of the game get and give you a quick solution to them. Tech Radar has made a full list of the problems faced by the Pokemon Go fans, but here is a quick overview of the most important among them…

  1. How do I know if the Pokemon Go servers are down?

This one is easy. If you are struggling to log-in into the game, you can check this website. It will give you clear information if the game’s servers are down or working properly at that moment.

2. What to do if I see the “GPS signal not found” message?

Either wait for connection or check if the location services on your smartphone are enabled. To do that, on your Android device, you can swipe from the home screen and see if “location” is turned on. Alternatively, you can go to Settings and look for the location sub-menu there.

3. What to do if Pokemon Go does not want to open at all?

Restart your device. If this does not help, try to go to Play Store and search for Pokemon Go from there. When you find it, try to open it from there or install any updates, if available. This should resolve your issue.

4. What to do if Lure Modules or Incense doesn’t work?

Try to change your smartphone’s time to the one set by your network. This seems to be helping people fix their Lure and Incense problems.

5. What to do if my pokemon items disappear?

Log out from your account. If they are not there when you log back in, restart the app. If this doesn’t help, restart your phone and try again. All items that you have purchased should be appearing in your item box.

6. What to do if my pokemon trainer does not move?

Restart the app. This should resolve the problem.

7. What to do if the app freezes while I’m trying to catch a pokemon?

Don’t stress! Either turn on and off your internet connection or restart completely the app. In many cases, your pokemon will be gone when you restart the app, unfortunately.

8. How to hatch my pokemon eggs faster?

Find out the answer in this video.

9. How to use Incense?

The answer is in another video of ours.

If you have other questions or an answer to a question we have not mentioned here, please feel free to leave in the comment section below.

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