Samsung Galaxy S6 edge vs Huawei P9 plus: fast speed test

Thanks to our partners from Vodafone UK, we had the chance to review the amazing Huawei P9 Plus and as a result to film a few videos on our YouTube channel.

Today we want to share with you the latest video we’ve made with the Huawei smartphone and here it is – a comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. We have compared the speeds of both devices, focussing on powering off and on and restarting speed of both devices.

If you want to see how both phones performed, please watch the video below:

Let us know if you would choose the Huawei P9 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. You can also have a look at our playlists featuring all videos we have filmed with each phone: Huawei P9 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

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