Our User Reviews Favourites: Medela Swing Electric breast pump

In the last two years, we have made a lot of product video reviews – from mobile phones to vacuum cleaners. We’ve decided to put a start to a brand new series of articles here where we will highlight some of our most favourite products. Today we start with listing the five best things about the amazing Medela Swing breast pump.

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1. Medela Swing is easy to use!

Yes, that’s true. Even if you haven’t used a breast pump before, using the Medela will not be hard to figure out. After all, it’s obvious what you need to do – you need to express the milk from your breasts and there are not too many options for doing that. Not only that, Medela Swing makes pumping a pain free experience – something every new mum wants (and needs)!

2. Medela is fast

Well, some people might disagree with this statement but this pump is really efficient in extracting milk.

3. You can use batteries or plug it in the mains to power it on

Yes, it’s that simple – you can move around the house and make pumping as convenient as you want it to be… almost. You need batteries or an electrical socket to power on your Medela Swing, but that shouldn’t be an issue, eh?

4. Medela is almost always on sale

The price of the pump is quite steep for many new mums. However, I’ve noticed that the pump is always on sale and you can get it at a very reasonable price. Check out the deals here.

5. Medela is offered in a single or double option

I personally had the single pump but I’ll definitely recommend the double pump too. Why make the pumping a chore when it could be a quick and easy job with a double pump?! You’re also going to save a lot of time. What more do you want?

In conclusion, I have to say that if pumping breast milk is something you have decided to do or had to do it for certain reasons, Medela is the first (and perhaps only) brand you should consider. Tested with two babies! Any questions, just let us know in the comment section below.

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