Cool new gadget: Filofax eniTAB 360 tablet holder

We have recently been approached by the cool gadget company called Filofax. They sell all sorts of interesting products – from organisers and notebooks to folios and tablet holders. The product we had the pleasure to review was the Filofax eniTAB 360 tablet holder.

We made a video to summarise our first impressions of the tablet holder, but here it is what we think about it.

The eniTAB 360 is:

  • very portable and light
  • folds in easily and is very compact for transport
  • simple to use and to set up with your tablet
  • sturdy and feels like made of good quality plastic material
  • simple and effective to use – does what is says on the “tin”

All in all, our impression of the eniTAB 360 is very positive – we will need more time to use it so we can find out for how long the attachmenet to our tablet will last… However, we are sure that the result would have been satisfiying. Being priced around £15 we think that this tablet holder is maybe on the more expensive side of prices, but we think that it’s worth if you’re going to be using it on a daily basis.

We are happy reviewers and we definitely recommend Filofax’s tablet holders. Well done!

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