Candy Crush Friends Saga: overview and first impression

It has been a while since we’ve enjoyed playing a Candy Crush themed game but it’s time we share our latest craze – the Candy Crush Friends Saga. King have released the Friends Saga recently for mobile phones of all brands and operating systems and we love it!

So far, the game proved to have very cool design, features are relatively easy to understand and if you have ever played Candy Crush before, you know what to expect. The game definitely doesn’t disappoint.

New characters are introduced straight away with more and more available to collect as you progress through the levels. In just a few days, we only managed to progress to the levels around 70 – this means the game is not super easy and there are some really challenging levels along the way.

We have been working on our Candy Crush Friends Saga skills in the videos below. Please let us know if you’ve got a better score on one or all of the shown levels. Also, please let us know if you’ve managed to figure out how to get lives from your friends – we haven’t managed to send or receive any so far… Is this a bug? Let us know!

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